Thursday, June 23, 2005

Royal Humbuggery

Get this - the Beeb hosted a topic on (Don't) Have Your Say asking whether the Royal Family was worth the £37 million pa. Isn't that the perfect barometer of the central absurdity of Liberal's class war posturing ? A Corporation that gobbles up £2.8 billion pa of public money posturing as Robin Hood becuase it's prepared to question Royal expenditures equivalent to 1.3% of its own budget. It's bad enough that these people act like Marie Antoinette, but now we've got to listen to them try to convince us that they're Spartacus.

The Beeb slobbers over the loopier items in the Royal budget, but try getting a real breakdown of where the Beeb's money goes. How much, for example, did the Beeb blow on its coverage of Woman's Euro 2005 ? But Prince Andrew once spent... Spare us. How about a thread on whether the Beeb is good value for money ?

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