Thursday, June 09, 2005

Liberals Aim To Preserve Primitive Cultures

I wasn’t sure exactly why some the poncy report from the hamster molesters at the New Economics Foundation got me so cranked up. Who cares about another outburst of L3 drivel ? But still…..

Fortunately, the Rottweiller Puppy has helpfully put their finger on what was so thoroughly batterworthy about the report’s authors. Yes, indeed – another bunch of Metropolitan twerps for whom the rest of the country is a kind of theme park, with the locals in small country towns like Leeds, Nottingham and Bristol expected to forsake the big stores in favour of twee little corner shops.

Here’s a free clue Liberals: folks in Sunderland probably don’t care that there town centre looks too much like Stoke – they don’t shop in Stoke, they shop in Sunderland and they want the mix of quality, value and choice that only a chain store can provide.

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