Thursday, January 29, 2004

Why I Hate The BBC

Thanks to Scott Burgess for bringing to light an incident which summerises better than Shakesphere could what's wrong with the BBC.

Need any more proof be sought that the inhabitants of the BBC bubble regard facts and people from outside as mere props and patsies, brought in to add a degree of credibility to the BBC's transmission of a predetermined message ?

No, I'd rather not do that. Let's talk about [Defence Secretary] Geoff Hoon, which is what I asked you to talk about.

I don't have a lot of time for politicians - we haven't had a genuinely well-intentioned man in Parliament since Guy Fawkes - but doesn't it sum up perfectly the sheer arrogance of the BBC that a complete non-entity like Nick 'Who ?' Clark genuinely believes he can order about a former defence minister and member of the House of Lords like some Victorian aristocrat dealing with a village idiot.

Say what you like about Monkey Man, but weasels like Clark would never take that approach with John Prescott.

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