Monday, January 19, 2004

Kill'em All

Two heart-warming tales from our loveable social workers. First this:

Thousands of parents who had children taken away from them on the evidence of the controversial paediatrician Professor Sir Roy Meadow will not have them returned.

Ministers are to review as many as 5,000 civil cases of families affected over the past 15 years by Prof Meadow's now-discredited theory of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy. This accused mothers of harming their children to draw attention to themselves.

Many mothers say that they have been vindicated in their insistence that they were wrongly accused and now want their children back. However, Margaret Hodge, the minister for children, has ruled out any widespread return.

Incidentally, that story contains a perfect summary of how these vermin work:

A mother whose eight-year-old child was taken from her seven years ago after social workers suspected that she was suffering from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy said: "Something has to be done by the Government. It is vindictive. They suspect you of this thing and it gets out of hand and you can't stop them."

The woman, who is 50, cannot be named for legal reasons. She added: "What gets me is it was enough for them just to suspect me of Munchausen's to take my daughter away. If I protest or dispute the evidence they say I'm lying and that proves I've got Munchausen's because lying is one of the symptoms. That's how it works."

Exactly. To borrow a line from His Majesticness, they really should be called Child Abduction Services. Funny how Liberals want to regulate sweetshops into the ground, yet when it comes to scum like this lockjaw sets in. No transparency, no review, no accountability, no consequences. To paraphrase Mel Brooks - it's good to be the King, but being a social worker is much the same.

What's that ? You say it's all Meadow's fault. No doubt he's a nasty piece of work, but how many social workers were prepared to say that this was all BS ? How many were prepared to speak up for families and how many drank the Kool Aid ? My guess: not one had the moral courage to say that abducting kids based on nothing more than a theory advocated by a single doctor was despicable.

But don't think social workers are limited to one type of upscrew. Check out this:

A number of agencies, including police and social services, have been criticised in an investigation into the murder of two brothers by their father.

The boys, Brad and Brett, were killed by Steven Wilson in his car at Hilltop Golf Course in 2002.
Members of Sandwell Area Child Protection Committee claim the organisations involved with the family before the tragedy, failed to spot that the brothers were "at likely risk of significant harm."

You'll never guess what, but there's no social workers to blame in this case either:

The report stressed that no one was being blamed for failing to prevent the boys' deaths but said communication was poor between the agencies.

And another great line about how these pig molesting vermin go about their business:

Darren Cooper, the cabinet member for social inclusion and health on Sandwell Council, said lessons had been learnt. …"It is a confidential report but at the end of the day it's important the public have the confidence in these agencies."

Lessons learned again. Same as always. Dead kids, and these zombie pond scum blathering on about lessons. Two lives destroyed because the bearded filth screwed up again. But don't actually blame anyone.

At this point it is traditional for the snivelling rat weasels to whine that they're damned if they do, damned if they don't.

I say BS.

It's not just that social workers make so many lousy decisions, it's the reason why. In virtually every case the actual facts have taken a back seat to ideology. In the twisted 'Blue Velvet' world of the social worker normality is the enemy. To these people, traditional family life is inherently abusive and the middle class are hypocritical scum - so it stands to reason that their role is not to detect abusers, it is to cobble together enough evidence to allow them to abduct the kids. That's why when a happily-married couple of middle class churchgoers take their child into A & E with a cut head they get the third degree from fanatics anxious to 'prove' abuse. They want to prove that everyone who's made a success of their life is secretly evil, so they can feel better about being a bunch of sicko losers. Equally, when a case comes up where a divorced bum threatens his kids they couldn't give a toss. There's no chance to strike at their class enemies, no message to be sent. It's just some loser killing his kids. How dull.

For vermin like social workers Prof Meadow was manna from heaven. Now, social workers wouldn't have to even go through the chore of making up evidence, and if the victims objected it proves they're guilty.

But this desperate mass production of bogus charges to destroy innocent families has a downside. It leaves very little time to deal with actual abuse, so you get the odd murder. Obviously, these pond scum need more resources so they can continue to harass the innocent while occasionally looking in on actual criminals.

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