Monday, January 05, 2004

More European Sophistication

Seems like you can't turn on the TV today without seeing some Metropolitan sniveller babbling about how much more civilised the Europeons are compared with us simplisme savages.

It'd be interesting to see what particular brand of whitewash these maroons would use to deal with this latest example of Germanic civilisation, as reported by the Englishman.

For the first time in almost seven years 12-year-old Corinna Kutzner and her younger sister Nicola spent Christmas at home. The two girls were torn away from their family not because their parents abused them or did not love them but because they were simply deemed too “stupid” to care for them.

No, that isn't a misprint.

Mind you, at least social workers have found the one topic they are uniquely qualified to comment on.

The social worker had arrived at Annette Kutzner’s request. Finding it difficult to cope with two children and a sick father-in-law who had to be washed and shaved each morning, a friend had suggested the social services might be able to help.

On the other hand, if they expected help from social workers, they must be idiots.

"When the social worker came she found us a strange bunch and took an instant dislike to us,” says Ingo Kutzner, the girls’ father, who works on a chicken farm in the village. “She was only in her late twenties, was single and had never had kids of her own.”

Tssk.... who needs actual knowledge, she's a Liberal, that means her personal prejudices are every bit as valid as the so-called 'experience', 'facts' and other Phallocentric concepts.

But we're not done with the barbarism:

After being away for a week five-year-old Corinna made it clear that the “holiday” was over and it was time to go home, according to official reports. Nicola was depressed and cried herself to sleep each night. But not content to separate the children from their parents, social workers also decided to separate the sisters.

After a year in the children’s home they were put into different foster families. “A degeneration in their IQ is already pre-programmed into them and their only chance is to acquire new parents. It is best this is done separately because otherwise the older sister would dominate and stifle her younger sister’s development,” read a report justifying the decision.

A terrible, terrible case, but the point needs to be rammed home: if you support the EU, this is what you support. This is the European civilisation you want British families to be subjected to.

Feel free to argue for surrendering Britain to these people - we'll feel free to point out what it is you're arguing for.

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