Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Kilroy Wasn't Here

So anyway, RKS gets slammed for shouting fire in the crowded theatre of British racial politics by helping to propagate untruths and unflattering stereotypes, right ?

So what is Trevor 'Weasel' Phillips going to say about this:

Sir Ridley Scott, the Oscar-nominated director, was savaged by senior British academics last night over his forthcoming film which they say "distorts" the history of the Crusades to portray Arabs in a favourable light...

...Prof Riley-Smith, who is Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Cambridge University, said the plot was "complete and utter nonsense". He said that it relied on the romanticised view of the Crusades propagated by Sir Walter Scott in his book The Talisman, published in 1825 and now discredited by academics.

"It sounds absolute balls. It's rubbish. It's not historically accurate at all. They refer to The Talisman, which depicts the Muslims as sophisticated and civilised, and the Crusaders are all brutes and barbarians. It has nothing to do with reality."...

[Dr Jonathan Philips] said: "The Templars as 'baddies' is only sustainable from the Muslim perspective, and 'baddies' is the wrong way to show it anyway. They are the biggest threat to the Muslims and many end up being killed because their sworn vocation is to defend the Holy Land."

So Christians are depicted as sadistic maniacs, slaughtering peace-loving Muslims indiscriminatly, then getting stuffed by heroic Muslim warriors. Not that that could ever incite anyone from a notoriously peaceful part of the world like the Middle East.

It gets worse:

Dr Philips said that by venerating Saladin, who was largely ignored by Arab history until he was reinvented by romantic historians in the 19th century, Sir Ridley was following both Saddam Hussein and Hafez Assad, the former Syrian dictator. Both leaders commissioned huge portraits and statues of Saladin, who was actually a Kurd, to bolster Arab Muslim pride.

So, not only are Christians depicted as psychotic killers but the Islamofascist's favorite pin-up gets a full Lewinsky.

Ten to one that instead of a police investuigation, Ridley-Scott becomes the toast of the enlightened class for being so 'daring'.

Bin Laden can almost be forgiven his illusions about western decadence.

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