Monday, January 19, 2004

2D Terrorist Sympathiser

So St Pancake of Semtex grabs this years Fiskie. Personally, I was hoping for the BBC, but that's just parochial of me. The Flatpack Nazi is still a good choice - plus we get the beautiful sound of Liberal's turning the BS meter up to 11.

What's that I hear ? 'Not nice to make fun of dead people'. That's OK, I don't count terrorist enabling scum as people. Here we have a major terrorist collaborator whose work involves making it easier for fanatics to blow up restaurants full of civilians [where was the Left's moralising then ?]. Suddenly, she is dead. She can no longer help people turn a birthday party into a blood bath. It is objectively less likely that an Israeli civilian will see her one year-old son blown to pieces in front of her. What does qualify as A Good Thing in your world ?

Next up on the Talking Pointogram, 'She was naïve, but not evil'. Right, I'm sure that'll be a great comfort to those who lost loved ones to attacks she helped cover. I can certainly believe that you get a warped idea of what's happening over there relying on the mainstream media, but ISM don't exactly hide there sympathies, what with comments about supporting the Palestinian's right to armed struggle and the like. Even in the unlikely event of Rachel Corrie deciding to join up with these lunatics without doing the little stuff, like checking out their aims and philosophy, she could hardly have remained ignorant for very long. Not with the parade of bombers through their offices, the frequency with which ISM protests happen to coincide with sniper attacks or the choice of targets for protection [terrorist hideouts only need apply].

Was that a weasel coughing or is it another Talking Point ? Ah yes, 'she was fighting for peace'. Y'know, it's funny, but the Left often complains about its dissent being crushed yet Little Green Footballs is constantly criticised by the self-same people because it lets them speak for themselves. And the picture of Corrie in full Islamist regalia, burning a US flag certainly speaks for the peace-loving nature of this scumsucking bomb whore.

Ah yes, last through the door (but no less valuable for that), it's the Therapy Nation defence. Corrie may have been a willing accessory to murder but you have to admire her courage. No, you have to be nauseated by her hypocrisy. The Israelis have been taking out terrorist structures for years, and ISM has been protesting at most of them yet, strangely, the death toll amongst terrorist groupie scum is….actually, Corrie is it. That was her bravery. She cynically portrayed the Israelis as Zionazis while knowing that they, recognising the codes of the very civilisation she sought to destroy, would not harm her. Her martyrdom, such as it was, was merely inevitable result of putting people and heavy machinery too close together. If getting run over by heavy equipment is glorious then the construction game must be the most heroic of them all, because it happens about ten times a year on British building sites.

Let's stop with the nice. Corrie wanted to play the part of a freedom fighter, a pretend rebel, and the innocents murdered by her fellow travellers were just extras in the great stage show of 'Rachel Corrie: Radical'. She was a typical pampered brat who wanted to stick it to a civilisation which had enraged her by failing to pander to her dreams of unearned wealth and undeserved glory. So she went to the Middle East to help kill Israelis.

She was a utterly corrupt individual with no redeeming features and the world is a better, safer and cleaner place for not having her in it. But, with all that we shouldn't just condemn her. No, we should laugh at her as well. The Corries of this world hate one thing more than any other: their complete insignificance. They screech, they shout and, yes, occasionally they help maniacs to blow up pizza shops, but what do they do ? What positive contribution do they make to life ? Nada. At the age of five they jump up and down on the couch shouting 'look at me!', at the age of twenty-five they do much the same, but with Semtex. It's one long whinge, one long set of special pleading, a narcissist's whine that they're being treated as though they were ordinary people. This is the banality of evil: people aiding terrorists to kill large numbers of people simply so they can posture as rebels. What an utterly pathetic bunch of tossers - trainspotters working with sociopaths. Here's the truth about Corrie: she was an ineffectual loser. Now she's dead she's still a loser and so are her family for trying to pass her off as some kind of martyr.

Organisations like ISM feed off the bratty rage of over privileged twenty-something juveniles. They give them the bogus glamour of following in the footsteps of Che, Fidel and Ho. The way to beat them is to deflate their fantasising. It's our patriotic duty to make fun of them every time they try and tell us that the death of Corrie has any greater significance than a reminder that building sites are dangerous, and on that note, I'll leave you with this:

Why didn't Rachel Corrie go to the party ?

She wanted to, but she was feeling a little flat after playing too much squash.

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