Monday, January 19, 2004

Talking A Great Fight

Our Home Secretary, hey ? What a lad!

But Mr Blunkett, in a remarkably frank admission, said his first thought on hearing about the 57-year-old's death was to celebrate.

"You wake up and you receive a phone call - Shipman's topped himself.

"You have just got to think for a minute: is it too early to open a bottle?

But, oops... the actual policy never quite matches the rhectoric:

Jails are being "overrun" by people convicted for motoring crimes and "quite petty" offences, the UK prisons chief has said.

Martin Narey, head of the newly created National Offender Management Service, said courts needed to realise the value of community penalties.

Motoring offences ? Would he by any chance be referring to the fact the Courts no longer treat driving while stoned or running over people as trivial matters ?

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