Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Self-Defence: An Imperial View

Of all the things that tee me off, one of the biggest is the whole 'Crime Prevention' scam: fit a lock to your windows so burglars can't break in - yeah, like that'll work, unless the housebreaker in question has mastered rock technology - Doh!. Naaah - it's just a way for our rigor mortised law enforcement community to try and shift the blame onto the victim: 'Well, ma'am, we might have stripped you of both the right and the means to defend yourself on the implied promise that we would defend you then utterly failed actually to do so BUT you didn't seal yourself in a concrete tomb, so you were asking to get raped anyway'. Enough already, if the state claims it'll protect us, then it should. If it can't (If ?) then it should shut the hell up and let us protect our familes.

Anyway, the point of that rant is this: His Majesty, Emperor Misha I, shreds Canadian government advice dealing with this very subject.

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