Thursday, January 29, 2004

History v. 1.0

So, anyway, now journalists have abandoned actual journalism in favour of full-time spinning, who's going to write the first draft of history ? May I suggest bloggers ? Here's Nicholas on the day the BBC got run over by a truck.

One thing that does hit me from that report is how fast the BBC reverted back to type after the initial shock. Natural arrogance may have played a part, but I suspect a far larger one was played by Howard's disgusting decision to side with the BBC. Had the Conservatives gone for the throat, they could've turned a retreat into a rout. They did not. Never again can Consrvative MPs complain of BBC bias. They had the chance to tear its heart out and drink its blood, yet they threw it all away for the chance to jeer at Princess Tony. No doubt updated versions of history wil judge them.

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