Sunday, January 04, 2004

Danger! Low Flying Robbers

Tim Blair busts the Guardian. The voice of the bearded classes has been turning the whinometer up to 11 with a report subtly titled "US soldiers ransack Sunni mosque". The Al-Guardian tries to tug at our heartstrings with lines like 'Surrounded by upturned chairs and an abandoned turban, Sabah Al-Kaisey surveyed his ransacked office yesterday. ' But what turned the good ol' boys into such thugs ?

The troops who raided the Ibn Taymiyah mosque, used by Baghdad's Sunnis, appear to have been looking for weapons used by Iraq's resistance.

Appear to have been looking for weapons ? Even the Al-Guardian admits the troops captured a couple of AK-47s, hand grenades and an anti-aircraft missile. To parahrase Yoda, 'Found some weapons you have' - even without pointing out that other sources suggest a far larger take.

But don't go thinking there's anything nefarious about using a mosque as an armoury, as the Mosque's iman points out "They were there to protect ourselves". Presumably protection from the famous flying felons of Fallujah.

Still, at least the Guardian is coming round to the idea of self-defence. If only Tony Martin has used a SAM, the beardy-wierdies would've been right behind him.

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