Wednesday, January 28, 2004

L3 And Denial

Laban Tall's got the dirty details about how the educrats are using the teaching of the history of the Holocaust to indoctrinate kids with Liberal drivel. Needless to say that all the usual objections to this sort of thing apply double here. There's the obvious point that money extorted from security guards and checkout girls in the name of education is being used to fund political thought control. There's the arrogance of the educrats, believing in their divine right to extort money from a large section of the population while using it to libel those self-same people. There's the humbuggery of the teaching unions, constantly claiming that they lack the time or resources to teach basic literacy yet ever ready to find time and money for Tory baiting. There's the sheer moral cowardice of the Left, having comprehensively lost the argument in the adult world they now resort to trying to brainwash youngsters. There's the inherent thuggery in someone in an position of power abusing that position to libel those under him (and their families), knowing those he targets have no 'right of reply' by virtue of the uneven power relationship. There's the…. Well, let's just say there's plenty wrong with it all.

But that ain't it.

What's really sickening about it is this: they're demagoging the holocaust. Here's one of the great crimes of history and the L3 are using it to bash Conservatives. Suddenly, one of the results here makes a lot more sense. Our nation's alleged deep thinkers were shocked to find that scepticism about the Holocaust was most marked not only amongst the very old but also the young - how can this be, they said, when the Holocaust is taught as part of the National Curriculum ? Well, here's your answer: if the Tories are as bad as Hitler, then Hitler was only as bad as the Conservatives and Auschwitz was a sort of hard-line alternative to Care in the Community that got out of hand.

Trying to link Dr Mengle to Conservatives cutting the budget for the Arts Council isn't just juvenile stupidity. The Holocaust stands out in history as a great crime - to claim that Conservative policy is 'like something out of Nazi Germany' is to whitewash the full evil of what it was the Nazis did. In short, it is to indulge in a form of Holocaust denial.

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