Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Steyn On (Over)Regulation

Drake's Drum points out another great column from Mark Steyn:

It was after getting a "furious" call from Mr Phillips that the BBC's deputy director-general yanked Kilroy off the air. The CRE's complaint is now being studied by Scotland Yard's "Racial and Violent Crimes Task Force".

It's good to know that a Kilroy column qualifies as a "Violent Crime". It may explain why, when confronted with the corpse of 83-year-old Colonel Robert Workman in a Hertfordshire village, Her Majesty's Constabulary spent three hours at the crime scene without spotting that the Colonel had a bullet in him.

It was only when the undertakers arrived and picked up the body that the wound was noticed, by which time the flatfoots had blundered all over the joint obliterating clues. If only Col Workman had been found clutching the Sunday Express, PC Plod might have said: "Kilroy, eh? Looks like a case for the Violent Crimes Task Force, sir."

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