Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Random Linkage

Predictably, the EU letter bombs have led to certain persons turning the humbug generator up to 11. The Englishman is right on it, here and here, but for the full effect read Peter Cutherbetson's list of the twenty worst lefties of 2003 and see just how new this aversion to bombs is amongst the L3s.

Laban Tall has an interesting post about the tendancy of Guardianista to skedaddle when faced with the consequences of their actions. The only thing I'd add to it is that that may be the point of the exercise.

Remember the News of the World's expose of how the Government was secretly inserting paedophiles into estates across the country ? When the backlash came few Liberals were prepared to argue that allowing perverts to infiltrate into estates packed with kids was a Good Thing. Nope, the L3 instead jeered at the protestors. We were invited to sneer at their ignorance, their poverty, their ugliness.... This is the heart of the Liberal approach to crime.

Liberal coddling of scum is a way of ramming home the point that they're so rich and powerful the world could go to Hell and it wouldn't affect them none. Liberals see ordinary people on the Hell's End estate protesting the placement of a known killer in their midst and their instinct is to sneer. Nevermind that the mere hint of the erection of a mobile phone mast in their vicinty brings out the 4x4 brigade like a rocket, that's different. Protesting crime is such a plebian thing to do, if the protestors were anyone important they'd be able to move to somewhere where it don't happen.

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