Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Random Thoughts.....

Say what you like about them but, in some things, the French are resilient. Hardly have they overcome the disappointment of their old friend Saddam's Really Bad Year than they find a whole new bunch of thugs to suck up to.

Why is this not terrorism ? Never mind wider issues, here we have a group of people who want to do something entirely legal being prevented from doing so by the fear of attack by - ahem - 'militants' as the Beeb would have it. Is there no one amongst the 650 or so castratos in our Parliament who can see that this is a massive defeat for democracy ? Thugs who try to push their agenda through violence are terrorists, it's that simple. But find an MP willing to push for a full-throttle econut stamp-o-thon ? Nada.

Everyone in the known universe has already commented upon this. Yes, it's a disgrace, but it illustrates a more general problem with the BBC. Here's the Beeb, it's allowed to extort money from janitors because it supposedly provides a vital public service ('educate, entertain, inform') yet it's spending money (arguably) to leave the public less well-informed. After all, by dominating Hutton coverage it seeks to prevent people going elsewhere so that they get the Party line rather than an independent view.

This is it - there may be good reasons for the licence fee, but supporting Greg Dyke's attempts to spin his way out of trouble isn't one of them. The BBC's own actions have confirmed that, far from being an objective news organisation, it seeks to grind it's own axe. Why should we persist with it when it has so clearly turned it's back on its rightful role in favour of partisan activism ?

Finally, let the Tinfoilfest begin: Mel P flags up this letter in the Guardian. I blame the French, myself.

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