Saturday, January 24, 2004

Random Linkage

So, like, these Chechens are just fighting for self-determination, right ? Sort of like East Timor ?


Now, what was that the L3 were saying about 'Convert or die' being an invention of those horrid Right-Wing Extremists ?

Maybe those loons at lgf have a point ? Turns out there are plenty of things Chuckie K finds it easier to condem than merely expressing homicidal Judenhess. And to ram the point home, nearly one in five Brits wants to keep No 10 Judenfrei.

Clearly, it is time for the BBC to run another series of programs warning about the threat from Islamophobia.

Maybe Europe is just in a death spiral ? Check here to see what you have to do to follow in the footsteps of Churchill, Niels Bohr and Sir Lawrence Olivier.

Still, at least technolgy is helping to make our lives easier. Now, you can stock up on fashionable Bush hatred without having to risk possible brian damage reading the Guardian. Yes, it's the Bush Conspiracy Generator. It's like having your own Mikey Moore, but less smelly and closer to reality, obviously.

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