Thursday, January 08, 2004

Danger! Socialist Medicine At Work

Just in case you're part of the 0.0000002% who still believe the Lib Dems are anything other than elitist trash, here's a heartwarming tale of an MP standing up for a much-opressed minority: convicted killers.

And that ain't even the best of it:

A doctor convicted of the manslaughter of a patient should be allowed to keep his job at a Tyneside hospital, says a leading Liberal Democrat MP.

The NHS: it's the envy of the world I tell you.

Say what you like about the private sector, but at least killing customers is frowned upon. But not in la-la land apparently.

Still, if you think that's wierd, try this example of logic from the dishonourable member.

"It is likely that he will be a better doctor, having learned the lessons from this tragic case.

The lesson presumably being 'burn the patient notes before the cops arrive'. By this logic Harold Shipman should be up for a Nobel Prize.

"It is no part of justice that an otherwise good doctor, who is no danger to patients, be forced out of the profession on the basis of the conviction alone. That would be double jeopardy."

Yeah, that'd be like a salesman who gets busted for drink-driving losing his job - what is this Nazi Germany ?

You'd think a lawmaker would actually know something about, y'know, the actual law.

This is how seriously the Lib Dems take their role in the House, that they put forward for public office a man who can't even understand one of the simplest concepts in English law.

This is how deeply-felt Lib Dem moralising about Iraq, Gitmo or Afghanistan is. They don't see why a little thing like killing an innocent man should be held against a guy.

This is how committed Lib Dems are to the NHS. They'll blather on endlessly about top-quality care, but when an issue comes up LIKE DEAD PATIENTS, they couldn't give a toss.

Scumbags every one of them. The whole party needs serious treatment. How long is it till Shipman gets parole ?

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