Thursday, August 09, 2007

Welcome To The Show!

The Cameroonatics are shocked - shocked! - to find that Liberals often use bogus charges of racism to silence opponents. Who was hiding that from the Tories ?

First, there was the BoJo fiasco, now David Davis has been targeted, and the Tories are ever so angry. If there's one thing the Cameroonatics can't stand, it's people being unfairly smeared as racists.

That's the thing: the best you can say is that the Tories have acquiesced to this kind of racial witch hunting, even at its most ludicrous. More than that, The Dave himself has been a willing participant. Look at Patrick Mercer, thrown under the bus, for claiming that the 'offensiveness' of particular words depends on context, and that some folks play the system with bogus claims of racism. Or, to put it another way, he was fired for taking the self-same position the BoJo boosters are taking right now. I guess it must be all about the 'context' after all.

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