Friday, August 24, 2007

Not Anti-Violence, Just On The Other Side

If the case for Liberalism is so strong, how come we're never allowed to discuss the evidence ? Take the latest in the case of their new pin-up:
Veteran author Gitta Sereny has defended the killer of headteacher Phillip Lawrence's right to anonymity on his eventual release from jail....

Legal experts agree Chindamo would need the protection of a lifetime injunction to hide his identity if he is allowed to stay in Britain...
'Legal Experts' - or, as Earth people say: lawyers.
Ms Sereny said: "I think that if he is released from jail within the next year it is almost inevitable that they should give him anonymity because his life would be made impossible otherwise...

It would be impossible for him to find work and make new friends if he is not granted anonymity.
See, this is what I was saying: in a sane society it's kind of accepted that people have the right to avoid associating with murderous savages.

Meanwhile, the same Left that's consumed with grief for all those homicidal thugs cold-shouldered at the golf club has no problem abusing actual, real victims.

(tip of the hat to you know who)

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