Sunday, August 05, 2007

We Have Ideas

The Indie has belatedly noticed that the Dextrosphere is much more lively than their own mates on the Left. In case you're wondering, they attribute this to the Tories meltdown. Well, it could be that, or maybe the fact we actually have something to debate.

There are many ideas on, say, fixing health care: some kind of right-wing, some very right-wing and some utterly off the scale right-wing. Meanwhile, the Left has handcuffed itself to the helm of the NHS Titanic. The Left's sole contribution to the debate is explaining why anyone who thinks the NHS needs reform is just like Hitler. Ditto, everything else.

The Left's contribution to political debate is entirely negative. They don't have any actual ideas, but they can tell you why your ideas are evil, hence PC. The Left might have been able to choke off debate in academiz and the MSM, but in the blogosphere they're ruthlessly exposed as the nasty, whining scolds they are.

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