Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's Not Hate, It's Contempt

OK, so I called it wrong. I guessed that the Left's Girly Hysteria Squad would claim the folks who ridiculed Doreen Lawrence's unhinged rant were trivialising her suffering. In fact, they've gone the double or quits route. It turns out that we're all a bunch of Nazis.

In other words, the race-hustlers tried to smear a political opponent as a racist and ended up wrapped round a lamppost, so now they've switched to Plan B: try to smear their opponents as racists. Them Libs, hey ? Who knows what they'll do next ?

See, this is why Libs fail so utterly on-line. Back in the days of the MSM monopoly, they could get away with this kind of drive-by smear. Once people can actually answer back, drive-by quickly turns into pile-up. In the Blogosphere people don't have to take their charges on faith - they can actually check the original source material and see whether, say, Boris Johnson's use of archaic language to describe the locals in the Congo was genuinely racist, or just an attempt to satirise Princess Tony's colonial pretensions. Of course, in so far as that would involve discussing actual facts, Leftists are at a clear disadvantage. Hence, the hysteria.

Ditto - with sword, oak leaves and gold cluster - the attempts to smear bloggers as haters. Like Ross F says, the race baiters may be able to winkle out one or two nutcases, but if the idea of agents of the state monitoring what citizens say in their own homes doesn't strike you as fascist, just what would you call it ? Answer: don't call it anything, just call anyone who asks a bigot. Oh.... and definitely don't mention that this proposal was too outrageous even for the Blair government.

Then again, there's something distinctly totalitarian about the argument that off-the-scale kooks like Doreen Lawrence should be allowed to spend any amount of time shouting 'fire!' in the crowded theatre of British racial politics, but the haters are the people who object to her paranoid, racist ranting. Of course, the BLANKers have their own reasons for encouraging people to go easy on those caught trafficking in baseless charges of racism .

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