Thursday, August 30, 2007

Failure Of Appeasement Shocker!

Those who will not learn from history are doomed to become Leftists - I think that's how it goes anyway. Consider the latest misfortune to strike the Cult of Dave.

The supposed d├ętente between the Tories and the BBC was supposed to be the crowning achievement of the Ayatollah Khameron, but as soon as he's deviated one centimetre from the approved BBC line, all bets are off.

Yes, the news that our favourite unbiased broadcaster's idea of journalism is deciding what line to take then trying to find people to support it will be a shock to the system for folks recently returned from Venus, but for the rest of us only the sheer brass neck of it all stands out. Even so, it's hard to have any sympathy for the Cameron Party - not after they've so thoroughly abased themselves before the BBC previously. Come to think of it, the Tories aren't exactly above borrowing from the Left's playbook themselves.

Forget all the Cameroonatics' pretentious blather about 'detoxifying the brand', all they've really proven is that there's no faster way for a soi dissant Rightist to garner applause from the Liberal media than to turn on his fellow Rightists.

Don't accuse the Tories of being ineffectual though. In so far as Cameron's actual proposals were unbelievably weak, the hysterical reaction shows just how having a Tory leader who sounds like a Guardian editorial merely allows the Left to move the ratchet so far leftwards, they can cast even the mildest policies as evidence of unhinged extremism.

All of which is by way of saying that these events have undermined the whole justification for the Nu Tories. The excuse for the reign of Princess Dave was that he could help make Tory polices palatable to the public, yet he has achieved the exact opposite. In so far as he's given credibility to every stupid libel the Left has every told about Conservatives, he's actually made it harder for Rightist policies to succeed in Britain.

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