Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's Libeliousous!

Apparently, it's National Libel Week. Not only is Johann the Hutt threatening to sue everybody in the world (except the ones with actual resources), but now we find that Britain has become the venue of choice for libel suits.

More seriously, Hot Air covers how these laws have been used to suppress discussion of the funding behind the Jihad. Same old story here - we'll never get to hear the actual evidence, the money did all the heavy lifting. All of which tells us a lot about the modern Left.

Leftist are obsessed with the fantasy of some people called 'the rich' - as opposed to lawyers, actors and pop stars, all of whom live in cardboard boxes - buying their way out of the justice system. Well, here it is. Here are the rich and powerful being able to avoid public scrutiny and the Left thinks its a yawner. It's not like we're talking criminal law, where blocking loopholes used by the Guilty Rich could mean wrongly-convicted paupers. Libel is a rich man's game anyway.

No, this is just example no 732 of the intrinsic elitism of the Left. These people - they're all about standing up to the little guy.

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