Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Evil Bigots Proven Right (Again!)

See, I told you the sodium penthol would work - here's Beeboid Kirsten O'Brien:
A BBC children's presenter has said that "everyone at CBBC is either gay or childless and don't like kids".
Well, quite. Doubtless, there'll be a non-clarifying clarification issued anytime now, but her comments are both blindingly obvious and track perfectly with what others have said previously.

Oops - guess it'll have to be Plan B for the Left. We've had years of them yammering about how they think companies should be forced to hire a representative workforce, but now it turns out that they're a company that looks like Brighton. They can't produce the weather forecast without someone to offer the black perspective on rain, but children's TV doesn't require input from anybody with actual children.

As ever with these BBC revelations, the thing that grates is that any outsider who said the same thing would have been smeared as a paranoid bigot. Here's another case where the Right called the result and the scorers but, funnily enough, it turns out to be an isolated case with no wider resonance whatsoever - and don't raise the question of why a children's presenter is the only BBC staffer in history to mention Palestinian TV's unique approach to education.

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