Tuesday, August 14, 2007

There's No Business Like Leftbusiness!

If you've read the comments to this post, you'll already have heard from JulieM about the latest absurd twist in the case of Truther pin-up David Shayler. Yep, he finally gone all the way round the bend.

Speaking personally, I feel robbed. All the other public statements fat boy has made have been gobbled up by the MSM and discussed endlessly. How come there's no opening segment on Jeremy Vine this time ? Even if his claim is not technically true, surely it speaks to a wider truth ? Shouldn't we ask what it says about the 'overall climate' ?

I tell you, these people are ruthless. Guy picks one bad script and suddenly he can't get his calls returned by anyone on the Left.

Actually, that's kind of the point. Joking apart, the Left has spent years positioning Shayler as a courageous whistleblower, but now we find out his whistle's well and truly blown. It's Cindy Sheehan again: an obviously mentally-unbalanced individual ruthlessly exploited by the Left, then discarded when no longer useful.

Extra Factoid:

Reading Shayler's page at W********, we see this:
He later attended the University of Dundee starting in 1984 where he was editor of the student newspaper Annasach and was responsible for publishing extracts of the book Spycatcher by another former MI5 officer Peter Wright (banned in the UK at the time).
So, even before he joined MI-5, Shayler was playing to Leftard gallery by sticking two fingers up to national security. Nice bit of recruiting!

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