Friday, August 24, 2007

We Need The Careful Fact-Checking Of The Blogopshere

The MSM spent yesterday reporting on the latest example of the crimes we don't have any more since Blair took guns off the street. A Liberal law-enforcement initiative having comprehensively failed, the MSM naturally decided we needed even more Liberalism. Apparently, it's all about the poverty! I mean, scousers, man! Who wouldn't want to cap someone living in that post-nuclear wasteland ?

Even wackier, the Jeremy Vine Show had on a guy from a Home Office-supported charidee which campaigns for more social welfare spending. In other words, the government is using our money to lobby itself to spend more of our money. At least when the Right call for stiffer sentances, we do it on our own dime.

Needless to say, our charitable activist believed we needed to spend more money - oh, and force schools to teach black history (huh ? is he saying that there's some link between the homies and violence ?).

The only problem with all the above is that Croxteth just ain't that bad. Yes, it is in Liverpool, but leaving aside that geographical fact, it is a fairly blameless slice of suburbia. High employment, lots of owner-occupation, cutesy semis in cul-de-sacs, blah, blah, blah.

To the point, journalists living in a hellhole like the Republic of Ken have got some cheese calling Croxteth a slum (plus, in so far as it's almost totally white, the lack of really compelling black role models is unlikely to be a factor, unless - perish the thought - the MSM is keeping something from us).

There is a real story here, but not one our MSM will touch. Members of the underclass will always do violence to each other, no government can stop that, but the problem now is that people can't isolate themselves from that. Needless to say, in our PC era no one in the MSM would dare put it that way, but that raises the question of chickens and eggs.

The horrors of social exclusion are supposed to be a given, but isn't the exclusion of the violent and the deranged a feature of a healthy society ? We've had forty years of non-judgemental engagement yet, strangely enough, young children were able to return from football training in safety back in the bad old days before we employed 800 000 yoof workers. The assailant needs a role model ? Hey, Libs, thanks to you he's already got one: Learco Chindamo.

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