Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Dialogue's Poor, The Characters Are Repulsive And The Plot Doesn't Make Sense

Thanks to the indefatigable JulieM, I find out that we're in for another round of kabuki theatre. Yep, another scumbag is exploting human rights to beat the system, and the government is just shocked - shocked! - by the whole thing.

In other words, a Liberal government is shocked that a tribunal stuffed with Liberals uses Liberal laws they themselves introduced to allow a scumbag to escape justice. Honestly, it's like an Alzheimer's joke - there are probably civilisations in the Pegasus galaxy that have heard how our Liberals use the human rights angle to protect scumbags.

Say what you like about Lady Thatcher, but at least when she privatised stuff, she didn't claim she was being forced into it by nasty old bureaucrats. Meanwhile, the Great Clunking Fist wishes us to know that he'd love to help but, like, it's out of his hands, init ?

It'd be hard to top Nu Lab's political amnesia for sleaziness, but you-know-who have managed it. The Tories are equally outraged, and equally short of actual policies....

But wait - Mr Tory would like me to point out that they're thinking about considering a possible review of the Human Rights Act. True, but even if the HRA was ripped up tomorrow, the underlying legislation would still be in place, so we'd still end up with the usual suspects scoring huge legal aid fees for helping scumbags avoid justice.

That's not even the best of it. Even if a successful scumbagectomy could be performed, in so far as Italy is in the EU, this low-life has the right to jump back on the next plane. But find an MSM outlet that will point that out.

In other words, wacko Liberal activists are using Liberal legislation to pursue Liberal objectives, the Tories say they're appalled, but not to the extent of doing anything about it, and the EU has managed to screw things up beyond repair anyway. But remember, if you don't vote, the Reverend Dale will be mightily upset!

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