Friday, August 24, 2007

Absolute Lack-Of-Morals Authority

As the Great Ann once said, when right-wingers rant, at least there's a point. Take the criticism of Doreen Lawrence after she injected herself into the London Mayoral election. The Right criticised her idiotic arguments, while the Left pouted and whined about how unfair we were.

On the other hand, what, exactly, is the point of the Left's attack on Frances Lawrence ? They can't attack her position - she hasn't made any political statements - so instead they call her a fraud and 'The Black Widow'. This is how five year olds argue. Expect to see the Guardian describe her as a 'poo-poo head' any time now.

Unlike the Left's bogus charge against critics of Doreen Lawrence, these guys really are questing the authenticity of Frances Lawrence's suffering. They want to claim that Frances Lawrence is motivated by some kind of hidden agenda, rather than merely appalled at seeing the low-life who murdered her husband escape deportation. They'll throw every pot and pan to stop people noticing that their latest pin-up boy really is a murderous savage.

After all, it's not like the bar is exactly set high here - Robert Mugabe, Myra Hindley, Osama Bin Laden and Mumia Abu-Jamal have all qualified for the Left's Hug-A-Thug program, but even the experienced apologists for evil on the Left have drawn a blank trying to find a way to reinvent Chindamo as some kind of victim or social activist (if only he was a cop killer!).

We're back to Evan Sayet again, and the nihilism of the modern Left. Take away the murder, and what else has this creature done ? Precisely. Learco Chindamo has become a Lefty pin-up because of his homicidal insanity. That's all you need to have Liberals swooning these days, a record of insane violence.

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