Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Culture Of Passivity Too Passive

PC Plod is not happy with the response to appeals on the Rhys Jones case. They think they should have more support from the public.

Personally, I find it very surprising. If there's one thing Merseyside Police is famous for, it's the ability of its officers to attract support from unofficial sources. Oh wait... that probably wasn't what they meant. No, on second thought what they meant was they're baffled why the public are reluctant to inform on a gang of heavily-armed sociopaths. Hmmmm.... with deductive skills like that, the case'll be wrapped up in days.

It's great that the Filth claim they'll protect any witnesses, but that does kind of ram home the point that for decades the police have been trying to prevent citizens protecting themselves. Of course, there's the jihad against guns (but at least it's stopped all those shootings!), but there's also the more general war they've waged against the right to self-defence itself. They've spent years telling the public not to get involved, and actively persecuting those who do, but now it turns out they didn't mean it in that way.

But even that's just part of a wider issue. What's with this 'community' thing anyway ? When exactly did the Filth declare independence from the rest of us ? Wasn't Sir Robert Peel's original conception of the police as 'citizens in uniform' ? For anyone still taking that seriously, check the comments threads at the excellent Policeman's Blog, and see how semi-literate constables disparage their fellow citizens as 'civilians' (not that you can't trust them to protect your family). Then again, it comes from the top. Smug yuppie scum police management have abandoned the mucky business of controlling the streets, in favour of political games playing and pseudo-CSI techniques. The only problem is that, in the strict sense of reducing crime, the Nu Police are absolutely useless. Hence why, billions of pounds later, it all turns out to be the fault of the civvies after all.


JulieM points out the police's less than stellar record of protecting 'civvies'

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