Thursday, August 02, 2007

Equal Rights For Zombies

Prepare for the lamest attempt yet at racial victimhood: equal rights for the living dead. In case you've missed the previous 6000 'Resident Evil' games, basically the deal is that your character is one of a handful of humans surrounded by homicidally-inclined zombie-type creatures - subtle diplomacy is not where it's at. Trouble is, with the release of the second trailer for Resident Evil 5, the usual suspects have finally realised that, if the game's set in Africa, that means the zombies will be African too (nothing gets past these people).

Clearly then, the game is obviously a metaphor for...... something. Furthermore, the African setting propagates the common stereotype that Africa is overrun by alien parasite infected zombies. Common amongst the insane, anyway.

There's only one answer: never again feature blacks in any form of mass entertainment. That should avoid controversy.

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