Thursday, August 16, 2007

Liberalism Kills

Every time I turn on the radio and hear some government drone explaining how 'lessons have been learned', I think 'who have the social workers killed now ?' Down in the comments to this post, JulieM points out that they've struck again.

On the plus side, at least they've launched an inquiry - that ought to do it. Not to give the end away, but I'm guessing it'll turn to be the system wot done it. Again. There's not a lot you can say about the fast food industry, but at least when a 17 year old pizza delivery boy runs someone over, he gets charged. Our hard-working, highly trained, professional social workers don't have to deal with that kind of accountability.

In fact, in so far as a job in social work appears to involve no standards, responsibilities or any sense of vocation whatsoever, is it any surprise that their 'clients' are so uniformly screwed-up ? It's like appointing George Best as an alcohol counsellor.

But that's not it. What really grates is that every time we have a case like this, we get one of the little weenies trotting out the old line that they're criticised both for seizing kids unnecessarily and for acting too late. Well, true, but only in the sense that in both cases the decision is driven by ideological loopiness.

Look at the three famous cases of supposed satanic ritual abuse: Orkney, Pembrokeshire and Rochdale. Now look at three cases where social workers failed to act: this one, Victoria Climbie and Toni-Ann Byfield.

You know, it's like there's some kind of pattern there....

Incidentally, to return to one of last week's themes, here's more proof that the race hustlers are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Left. Where vulnerable black girls are concerned, social workers may as well just go the whole hog and turn up wearing robes and a scythe, but Trev, Lee and the rest of freak show don't want to know. No enemies to the Left, homies ?

Anyway, we're back to Evan Sayet's famous speech and the warped nature of modern Leftism. Liberalism is not only built around the cult of victimhood but, as the yang to that yin, they believe that those who aren't victims must, by definition, be guilty.

That's how we ended up with social workers in Rochdale engaging in a literal witch hunt to try and prove that innocent families were hotbeds of sexual abuse, even in the absence of any of that, y'know, 'evidence' thing. Hey, they were traditional British families, so they clearly evil.

Meanwhile, those kids unfortunate enough to fall into the hands of designated victims are doomed. Who are we to impose our British concept of 'child abuse' on effnick persons, just because they live in Britain ? Ditto, add in the fact that in the three cases above the kids were in the hands of either lunatics or criminals and that's enough to put any social worker into moral equivalence Nirvana.

As long as we allow political hacks to use social work as a cover for social engineering, these deaths are going to keep happening. Hence, why they need to keep hiding the truth behind blather about lessons being learned.

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