Thursday, August 16, 2007

Core Support Still Flaking Away, Huh?

The Reverend Dale is just appalled at all of you folk who don't take take part in those little ceremonies we have every so often. Hmmmm....

You know, bagging people for not voting works better when you're not the highest profile blogger for a party whose face cards keep yukking it up over the way they can screw the the base with impunity because 'they've got nowhere else to go'.

Ah, but we do, Iain, we do: pubs, footy, cinema.... anywhere really other than spend our time voting for people who clearly despise us.

There's more to it than that though. Dale's post sums up where the country in general, and the Tories specifically, have gone down the philosophical U-bend. It was probably never true that an Englishman could go through life unaware of the existence of any branch of government except the post office, but it does express an important - and uniquely anglospheric - ideal.

Our freedom isn't the right to indulge in politics, it's the right not to, the right to go about your business free of government interference, not the right to try and make it interfere with someone else. At best, the Dale doctrine sees government as some kind of retarded ninja monkey, needing endless supervision by the public lest it go a murderous rampage. At worst, it sees the public as servants of the state, to be conscripted as sock puppets in whatever idiotic production the political classes dream up. Either way, it testifies to what may just be the most obnoxious characteristic of our political class right now: their enormous sense of entitlement.

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