Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Would Sir Care To Try The 'History' ?

Latest from de education system. Good news: someone in the public services is actually innovating, even to the point of – gasp! – ditching national agreements. Bad news – yet again it’s the headbangers who get the sweet deal, and Joe Normal who has to get by on the same ol’, same ol’.

The deeper problem is the usual one – while (sort of) 24 hour schooling may, or may not, encourage some of the loonier individuals to attend, is that really the heart of the problem ? To put it another way, is Ryan really illiterate because the school timetable doesn’t match his natural rythmns, or is it because at every point where he has been challenged to step outside his comfort zone, he has been able to get out of it by whining and playing up ?

Is it any wonder that we know have a large chunk of the nation’s youth unable to even conceive of sustained effort ? Now, we have the educrats answer: more of the same. Apparently, things have got so bad in British schools that they can’t even learn from experience.

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