Sunday, September 24, 2006

Is There Something You're Not Telling Us ?

Definition of chutzpah: a media organisation which rushes into print with news of a leaked memo describing operations in a war zone, but which itself censors the memo to hide information unhelpful to its cause. Apparently, the public has a right to know, but not to know too much.

Hey - this isn't a minor matter. The armed services have had nearly a decade of social engineering (and, yes, even now Tony's gay friendly policy is still in effect). Now it turns out that a member of a protected group has got one of the most sought after jobs in Britain despite not being able to actually - within the technical sense of the word - hit the right target

So, what would be a failing grade here ? Apparently, RAF flight training has now gone the way of the GCSE, either that or..... gosh, could there be another explanation ? Who knows ? But , for now, let's just try and process this one fact: at last we've found an Afghan screw-up story the BBC doesn't want to investigate.
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