Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tertiary-Stage Liberalism

See, I told you it was the perfect experiment. Consider recent events. OK, so the jokes write themselves, but what exactly are the McLibs doing that’s so off the wall ? That’s the point I was making: we now have a chance to observe what Liberals do when they’re free of any restraint. This is Liberals' ideal world in glorious technicolour, the natural endpoint of the application of Liberal principles.

The Left doesn’t want to allow schools to discriminate between the well-behaved and the alternatively socialised, the police are to be even-handed between the law-abiding and the differently-moraled, while even the homicidally-gifted are protected from discrimination. So, of course, they don’t want footy clubs to discriminate between the next Wayne Rooney and the next Douglas Bader. Just be thankful no one’s getting beaten to death this time.
PC, Scotland

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