Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Is It Just Me ?

Does anyone else hear someone on the news claiming ‘lessons have been learnt’ and immediately think ‘who have the government killed now’ ?

Actually, in this latest case, the Libs have made a significant step forward: they’ve moved on to ‘a number of recommendations had already been acted on’. Who knows ? If the bodies keep piling up, we might even get onto ‘changes have been made’ or the ‘system has been overhauled’.

Can you imagine this in the private sector ? You’d have pizza delivery boys running folks down on zebra crossings, and their manager would explain that they’d ‘shaken-up’ the delivery system and the driver had been given extra training. Nope – that’s point number one: whatever the procedures are, as long as there’s zero accountability, who cares ?

But there’s something deeper here: any number of lessons can be learnt, but the Libs’ obsessive PC means the system can’t work in the first place. What our Liberal friends don’t want to acknowledge was that it was their idiot ideas that put the hapless Russell family in harm’s way in the first place. It was the Left that argued that people who think they’re being chased by radioactive ninja spiders deserve to be treated just like everyone else. So, a known looneytoon admits to homicidal thoughts and nothing is done ? But, of course. He’s got rights, y’know.

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