Sunday, September 03, 2006

Found: Good Liberal

On the subject of stupid slags, I was pleased to see the anniversary of the death of Princess Di marked appropriately (i.e. not at all). The Guardian is baffled by the contrast between the insane situation following her death, and the complete lack of interest now. Personally, I don’t see the paradox – both are two sides of the same coin.

Princess Di never articulated any kind of coherent ideology. She made no contribution to any intellectual endeavours. She demonstrated neither bravery nor skill in any pursuit. No great achievements attach to her name. All of which misses the point – she didn’t become famous in spite of her lack of talent, she became famous because of it. She was the High Priestess of Populist Elitism.

You didn’t have to be smart, courageous or hard-working to join this elite, you just had to be caring. Au contrair, actually doing anything merely opened you up for criticism. Diane scourged doctors for being insensitive – possibly the only sin the cult actually recognised – in their treatment of AIDS patients, but it was the insensitive ones who invented drugs like AZT which made a real difference to the lives of AIDS patients.

That was the genius of her position, it gave moral sanction to people to be whiny, ineffectual, narcisstic losers (but caring ones!) She was both a founder and a great exemplar of the posturing, preening therapy nation culture. In so far as Diane actually stood for anything, it was vacuous emotionalism and posturing expediency. What could be more fitting than that the pin-up girl for cultural nihilism should fade so rapidly from the public consciousness ?

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