Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why Do They Do It ?

Just picked up a copy of Frank Chalk's excellent book - of which more in a later post - but one thing comes immediatly to mind. Frank starts by pointing out he used to be a Liberal before he experienced the chaos of the modern school system. That seems to be a common theme. It was the collapse of the school system that first pushed Melanie Phillips from Guardianista to Daily Mail stalwart. Meanwhile, locally - in the virtual sense - Laban also turned to the Dark Side after seeing what was going on in Britain's schools.

I'm sure plenty of other people have the same experience. I've given up expecting moral behaviour from Leftists, but surely they must be able to see what this is doing to them politically ? The education system is the best advert the British Right has, so why do Liberals put up with it ? Actually, that could be part of the answer there. As recent events have shown, there is no one the Left won't line up with, if the Right hates them. Hey - at least, the NUT hasn't started blowing stuff up yet.

Then there's the Ann Coulter joke that the traditional greeting at Democrat conferences is 'And what do you teach' ? The grass roots of Labour and the Treason Party are absurdly dominated by teachers, but surely even that can't explain why the Left is prepared to haemorrage supprt from its natural allies through turning a blind eye to the collapse of the education system ? Just what do they get out of it ?

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