Friday, September 01, 2006

All Will Celebrate Diversity, Or Face The Consequences

In case you missed it, a few weeks back the Pink Whiners took a shot at Gordon Brown. Not that Brown had done, or even said, anything to offend them, it was just he hadn’t assumed the correct position of grovelling obsequiance, or as I think of it, ducky dhimmitude. This turned out to be a case of overreach, but fortunately for them, they’ve now found some more realistic victims.

Four Glasgow firefighters have been disciplined after refusing orders to take part in a homosexualist rally. And no, it wasn’t on fire at the time. Hey – I’m a broad-minded kind of guy, I can understand why these guys might want some hunky firemen there parading their choppers, but they should hire them themselves, with their own money.

As it happens, the cover story was that they were there to hand out leaflets on fire safety. Apparently, they want us to believe either that spontaneous human combustion is a serious problem at ‘gay rights’ rallies, or that the best time to interest gays in fire safety is when they’re at an event chiefly known for insane politics, rampant drug abuse and industrial-scale promiscuity. Hello ? Let’s try a little thought experiment here: just suppose you’ve downed 10 pints and suddenly you’re surrounded by scantily-clad nurses, then some guy walks up to you and says ‘don’t forget to regularly check your tyres for signs of excessive wear’. Like, whatever, dude. I’m not seeing Kwik-Fit getting a lot of trade out of that scenario.

Of course, the cover story is ludicrous, but that’s kind of the point. Theodore Dalyrmple nailed it when he said that PC didn’t exist because Liberals really thought that making people call thieves ‘undocumented logistics operatives’ made them feel better about scum. Au contrair, the very fact that the State forces people to state as truth something they know to be insane is, in both senses, utterly demoralising. The very guilt people feel as they state that terrorists are ‘extreme demonstrators’ is used against them, to beat them down to the point where they make no judgements at all, blindly accepting whatever the State says.

Incidentally, lest anyone be tempted to argue that this event was some kind of politicially-neutral, feel good festival, let’s just consider some of the middle of the road policies this event endorses. There’s the unhinged hatred of the religious on show at this event, the obsession with indoctrinating even the youngest children, not to mention the use of ‘hate crimes’ laws to silence opponents.

More to the point though, just listen to what the leading lights of the ‘gay rights’ organisations themselves say. Here’s Johann Hari slagging off Little Britain’s Matt Lucas. True, Matt may be gay in the sense of, y’know, having sex with men, but he isn’t...well, a hysterical weenie, actually. So there you have it, from one of the bright stars of the Pink Wedge: gay isn’t about actual botty-slapping, no, it’s about endorsement of a specific (loony) agenda.

Forcing public servants to attend this event was a blatant endorsement of an extremist political agenda and an act of political thuggery. Making holding down a job in the public sector dependant on attendance at political rallies has previously been the hallmark of countries such as Cuba or North Korea. All of which does raise one question.

Blair, inevitably, appears to be happy with the idea of using public servants to endorse far-out Liberal lunacy. Gordon Brown may well not be so happy, but where’s you-know-who ? Wasn’t the whole excuse for Call-Me-Dave throwing Social Conservatives under the bus that he was endorsing a more Libertarian agenda ? Now, here we have the State forcing its employees to attend political rallies, where is Dave ? Where, indeed.

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