Wednesday, September 20, 2006

At Least It Isn't Moral Equivalence

Keeping the title 'Craziest Lib Dem' takes doing, but Jenny Tonge has surely managed to retain her crown with her latest comments. Yes, indeed, suicide bombers are more moral than pilots becuase they blow themselves up - is that the perfect example of Liberal reasoning or what ? Not only the curly-whirly logic to find some way - anyway - to indict the West, but the belief that becuase someone feels strongly about something, their point must have value. You have to wonder if it works both ways - how would they feel about a guy who cured cancer just to fill time ?

Ah yes, we can guess the answer from the way they sneer at the pharmaceutical industry for being motivated by profit. True, their products help to save lives, but they don't have the spiritual purity of a guy blowing himself up in a tube train.

This is the logical endpoint of Liberal's worship of emotional incontinence. They respect people who express themselves freely - even if their chosen form of expression involves mass slaughter, and they have contempt for anyone who compromises with the system, man, even if they perform an actual, useful function. It's adolescent angst as policy.

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