Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Reasons To Go The Chippy

Is there anything sadder than a one-hit wonder trying to relive his moment of glory ? Jamie Oliver now claims he didn’t go far enough – he wants to ban packed lunches in schools. Isn’t that just like a Lib ? These people must lie awake at night scared that someone, somewhere is outside their power.

Also conforming exactly to Liberalism’s Standard Operating Practices, Oliver wants to make sure we know just how rebellious and radical he is:

I've spent two years being PC about parents, now is the time to say 'if you're giving your young children fizzy drinks you're an a*******, you're a t*****.

Like, passion, man. I guess going for the emotion thing is probably the best idea in his case – logic is not his strong suite.

Speaking after the screening of the new programme, he was particularly critical of parents who give their children Red Bull - an energy drink - when they are tired, saying it was not much better than giving them a line of cocaine.

Huh ? Does that mean the police should be staking out Starbucks ? Actually, coke is probably cheaper, but I get the feeling his Media Luvvey status would be revoked if he claimed the metrosexual yuppie scums' favourite hang-out was sort of like a crack house.

That’s the bottom line, of course. For all Oliver’s faux populist posturing, his shtick is sneering at chav scum for the erudition of fellow pseudo-intellectual ponces. Indeed, that could be said about 90% of the media’s coverage of this subject. Otherwise, why would the media constantly refer to ‘cheeseburgers’ ? Isn’t, say, chicken madras kind of fattening as well ? Again, that would strike too close to home.

At this stage, the Food Wars are just an excuse for a bunch of snobs to denounce Joe Public in terms that would make an 18th century aristocrat blush. Of course, some will point out that there really are people out there eating themselves into an early grave. Well, sure, but the real question is whether or not this kind of obtrusive big government is the cure or the cause. Should be surprised that some people take so little responsibility for their health when Big Government is so anxious to take it off their hands ?

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