Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Outrage D'Jour

Given how long the Filth have been splashing around in the cess pit of morally-equivalent, PC posturing, it's a relief to see that there are still some things which can generate a genuine sense of outrage amongst the bill's top brass. It's just a pity their actual grievance is completely ludicrous.

Inspector Gadget is being pursued by the police's own KGB. Not because he betrayed confidential information or anything like that. No, he simply wrote about life as a police officer. For this he is being persecuted. I'd rethink that plan if I was the brass. If they're going to charge him with bringing the police into disrepute, then isn't that just by way of admitting that things have got so bad that any honest report on modern policing would serve to lower the public's opinion of the police ?

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