Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cheat & Retreat

Obviously, there's a certain lingering disappointement that the Pope has rowed back so hard from his comments on Islam, but I can see why it might be thought good tactics. After all, the Pope issued some mild criticism of the Religion of Peace, at which point the Islamopaths went all.... Islamic. Talk about ramming the point home. Now His Holiness has backpedalled, some will say he's given a boost to the loonies. True, but that just makes it more likely they'll fall into the same elephant trap again.

Even now, after the 83rd non-apology apology, the Pope has still taken a firmer stand than just about any other Western leader. More to the point, he's managed to turn one of the Liberal's favorite tactics against them.

The Left is justfiably notorious for issuing insane policies then retreating once they're exposed to public scrutiny. Loony Left councilors will claim everyone who owns an England flag is a Nazi, then they'll apologise, but they'll still have succeeded in creating a chilling atmosphere.

The Pope has turned that tactic back on the Left. He's given notice that he'll oppose Islamofascism even while gaining plausible deniability. 'Islam ? No, fine religion, not at all an ideology for blood-thirsty morons. Oops - done it again! Sorry everyone!'

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