Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Chutzpah Meter Just Broke

Self-awareness was never a big seller with the Left, but Harriet Harman’s attack on City bonuses has got to be some kind of record. Look at who’s spearheading Nu Lab’s attempts to bamboozle Joe Public into voting for them again. Could it be Patrick Stewart ? Sensors detecting huge wodges of cash, Captain! Ditto, since the Blairs took up residence, Downing St has hosted more footballers than Highbury. But let’s not worry about that – no matter how bad it is having Dave and Victoria in No 10, it still beats Dave and Samantha.

No, the real humbuggery in Nu Lab’s attack on the City is the nature of the people running the whole exercise. The PR flacks and media luvvies are bad enough, but at the heart of the operation, we find a party dominated by communist vampires lawyers. Hello ? They're calling other people overpaid ?

Hey, at least the City provides something people need. What have these treasure-hunting untermensch given us ? Warning on packets of peanuts that say ‘may contain nuts’, police delivering KFC to felons on rooftops and a Legal Aid budget visible from space. And Liberals criticise the City for not producing anything ? If only the same were true for lawyers.

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