Wednesday, September 20, 2006

At Least They're Not Designing Sewerage Works

In between flirting with homicidal savages, the Treason Party has been pushing more traditional ways to screw up Britain. Take their latest deep thought on how the education system should deal with scum... larval chavs... disruptive... challenging pupils - spread them around a bit and..... well, actually, that's it.

The first problem with their plan to target - ahem! - 'underperforming' pupils is that they're opposed to the testing regime in the first place - maybe they'll use astrology to identify them. But let's not think about that, let's just wonder at the logical trainwreck behind the policy. They're worried that Kyle Headbanger is being left to go to a sink school. Hey - chicken & egg ring any bells ? Apparently not, instead we get the claim that the aforementioned loons are those 'most in need'. Really ? How about those who have real potential but will never fulfil it becuase their school is being wrecked by the presence of the 'needy ones' ?

It's a familiar theme: Liberals believing that a convincing claim to victimhood beats any of those pesky facts. Kyle's upstairs, setting fire to the chemistry labs, so he must be really deep. Meanwhile, any kids who were hoping for an arson-free lesson are SOL.

The wackiest thing though is this. The Lib Dems really think they can persuade good schools to take on Broadmoor cadets by offering cash incentives. Isn't that just like a Lib ? It's the flipside of their conviction that they are super-sensitive int-tel-lektueals. They really think the rest of us are ignorant boors, motivated entirely by filthy lucre. No, fools, good schools are good schools because they're run by people who actually want to do the education thing, rather than say, riot control.

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