Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tories Gone Wild!

The Cameroonatics are in full cry over in the comments to this post at Guido's place. Read on and see what counts as rational argumentation in the Nu Tory Party.

I'd like to take a UKIP supporter.Shine a bright light in their eyes (cataracts) and really find out what these twits think they're trying to achieve?They must come from some area of high water fluoridation or something.Who votes for a party that brings about the exact opposite result of its purported aims?The REAL loonies aren't on the left anymore.(You can tell there's something wrong with that poor sod Farage just by looking at him though,can't you.)

Hey, it's still smarter than hurling abuse at people then claiming to be mystified as to why they don't vote for you.

Here's another Tory on UKIPs membership:

16,000 members.They don't all come from the same collection of nearby villages,do they?Wild Eyed Banjo Players the lot of them.

Yep, we've now passed the point where the Cameroonatics are more concillatory to terrorists than to the British Right.

An exageration ? Just read what this next one says:

Everyday I wake up hoping that the vast majority of our esteemed membership will leave the party to join UKIP.

UKIP represent the perfect solution to our biggest problem.

If you’re still talking about Europe as if the electorate think it matters, then you clearly have no interest in winning elections and retaining power.

If you think Europe is the key issue at this point, please, please join UKIP!

UKIP are a right wing rural party of little if no political significance - most people live in towns and cities and many people are suspicious of white blokes in green tweed jackets going on about killing foxes!

This is rightly or wrongly a two party state which favours moderate centrist policies.

I would rather be a member of a party with just 1,000 sub 50 year old members able to canvass and organise effectively in today’s world than be hamstrung with a membership who just aren’t expiring quickly enough for my likeing.

Can’t wait for the annual BBC close up of the blue rinse brigade waving union jacks – we give it ‘em on a plate!

Nothing sums up Cameroonacy better than hearing Tories use the phrase 'right-wing' as an insult. As for the desire to see 50+ members die, what can you say ? This is the authentic voice of the Conservative Party's 'moderate centralism'.

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