Sunday, September 24, 2006

This Must Be What They Mean By 'Victimless Crime'

Following on from the case of the Rotten Racist Revver, comes the story of a man convicted for making unknown (but definitely racist) comments to an unidentified Asian. And if that sounds bananas, that’s not even the whole story. The sole witness had this to say:

He was shouting. To me it appeared that he was being venomous. His face appeared quite contorted."

She added: "But I could not swear to the words I did hear."

That’s a punchline all in itself. If she couldn’t swear to her evidence, what’s she doing on the stand ? This is what apparently qualifies as, to quote the magistrates, ‘compelling’ evidence nowadays. Anything to avoid having to explain how you can have someone convicted for saying something if you don’t even know what was said ?

Needless to say, the race hustlers have called the conviction of someone, for saying something, to somebody, a ‘landmark’. I’ll say – it’s a giant road sign saying ‘Welcome To Looneyville’. Interestingly, the Filth gave the informer an award for helping community safety, even before the trial. So, I guess she would have had to hand it back if the accused had been acquitted, right ?

Oh, there’s one other thing: the accused was a member of the BNP – and nothing says ‘solid evidence’ like the MSM having to concentrate on who was convicted and not why. Still, that does lead to some interesting speculation. At least if having extremist views and a contorted face is now actionable, we’ll soon be rid of Cherie Blair.
(hat tip to Juliam)

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