Thursday, September 21, 2006


See, this is why I never bet. Yesterday I was sure Jenny Tonge's latest love letter to the Islamopaths would secure her another year as Britain's looniest Lib Dem, but I reckoned without a familiar face making a comeback. Using every ounce of her skill, experience and moral degeneracy, Shirley Williams has focused like a laser on possibly the only group of people less sympathetic than the Islamopaths.

Yep, Shirl thinks the whole paedophile thing is just OTT. She doesn't actually mention the vast majority of peaceful paedophiles, but she comes pretty close. She does use the other great appeaser cliche though: it's all down to the media:

One reason for that is the way in which the popular media play upon two things.
One is crime and the other is, specifically, paedophilia.

Crime and paedophillia ? Guess you wouldn't want to confuse the two. And no, Mr Liberal, she didn't simply mispeak - here she is reminsicing about the good old days:

We didn't talk about it in those days. I was education secretary - I know all about paedophilia - but we didn't talk about it when it was in schools.

We told the school to close or to deal with the teacher.

Ah yes, the good old days, when the brats shut up and suffered in silence. The astute observer will notice no reference there to any role for law enforcement. When Liberals criticise the media, it's almost always something like this: public scrutiny making it harder for educrats to cover for perverts in their ranks.

Shirley Williams almost makes a good point when she warns that people - especially men - are avoiding contact with kids through fear of being labelled perverts, but she rebuts her own argument.

If people fear contact with children will lead to them being labelled pervs, this might owe more to the Left than the Right. 'Satanic abuse', 'recovered memories', police trawling operations.... all tactics of the Left.

In contrast, what animates the Right (and the public) is not that the police aren't spending enough time investigating allegations from 25 years ago, it's that when an actual, real pervert is caught, the Left bends over backwards to ensure he gets the lightest sentance possible, then on release all but gives him directions to the nearest playground.

What really enrages the public is that too many of our alleged elite don't actually seem to think preying on kids is all that bad after all - an attitude perfectly exemplified by Williams' speech. There's nothing paranoid about that, it's simply taking what they say at face value. Here it is, a well-respected member of a party suggesting that we should all go back the good old days of blind eyes and treating molesting the kids like turning up for work late. We're just lucky she didn't claim perverts made better teachers because they were more 'hands on'.

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