Sunday, January 04, 2009

FoH: Special RoP Edition

Hey, it's not a real Festival of Hate without a contribution from the world's most peaceful religion!

Zero Tolerance For Violence Against Infidel Women: Muslim women? All bets are off! Then again, it's a mystery why people would question the motives of the people behind this abomination. I guess they'll have to keep the dogs at a whole seperate station. Still, at least we're all equal under the law... except when we're not.

Who'd Have Thunk It? West Midlands police officer 'loses' memory stick with counter-terrorist files on it. Must be another one of those 'Asian' officers.

Welfairism + Dhimmitude =... free money for maniacs.

What You Will Never Read In The MSM: Taqiyya - the one thing you must know about moderate Muslims.

Also Not Appearing In The MSM Anytime Soon: On the other hand, many women in the west have trouble obtaining good-quality child care, which is practically the same as this.

Worst Conceived Example of Jizzyah Yet? Free flying lessons for Muslims. What could possibly go wrong?

Moral Authority: Or they'll do what exactly?

Bombay Attackers Even More Depraved Than We Thought: I'm sure the MSM will get around to reporting this any time now.

Mothers Of No Appearance: Who can these people be?

Sheikh-Down Artist: Yep, it's a mystery why people don't want to employ these guys.

If Dhimmitude Was An Olympic Sport... We'd take gold every time. In fact,we won't even call 'Islamic violence' what it is.

Even More Cultural Enrichment: Or maybe it's just another right-wing myth.

Just Think What The Bash Would Have Been Like If He Had Been Practising 'True Islam': So this is what it takes to be an Islamic hero

Tiny Minority: Sounds very peaceful to me. Plus if you don't think these people will enrich our cultural landscape, you're a really huge Nazi.

Of Course, This Has All Changed Now Obama's Been Elected: Tiny minority! Hmmmm.... I don't think the problem is 'extremist ideology' - sounds like it's gone mainstream.

Something Else That Never Happens: Forced conversions.

No Agenda Here: Islam means no booze for Muslims...or anyone else.

Listen, I Said There's No Agenda, Alright? No pill neither!

Religion 'Not A Factor': Perish the thought!

Maybe We Just Need To Respect their Culture? After all, what's stupid about this? Or this?

But If Islam's So Great.... Why do liberals need to force people to lie about it?

I Take It All Back: We are too harsh on Islamopaths after all!

And Finally: The list of things that annoy Muslims.

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