Sunday, January 04, 2009

FoH: Neo-Prohibitionists - Hitler Was The First Health Nazi

Guys Who Thought Shipman Was A Good GP Think Hooch Is A Threat: In related news, the National Association of Pub Landlords have called for action to deal with the increasing numbers of misdiagnoses by GPs.

New Theory On Metabolisation Of Alcohol: You get loaded faster if you're young and poor. Slippery slope, anyone?

But Who Says These People Hate Freedom? Real Question: Is there 'any place' for wierdo fascist loonies in the marketplace of ideas?

Drink Top-Shelf, Live Forever: Question 2 - is Mummy ranting and raving to the papers about evil booze companies a consequence or a clue to the real cause?

Did Someone Say Fascist Twerps? I guess even the people who elected Blair three times aren't supid enough to buy the propaganda, after all.

Everyone's A Drunk: Clearly, the only answer is to regulate everybody.

Even More Micromanagement: Hey, I thought libs believed you could dictate morality?

Now That's An Idea I Can Get Behind: Express service for the busy drinker!

Yet, Strangely, You Don't Have To Step Over The Bodies On The Way To Work: That is what is known as a 'Free Clue'.

Who Said These Guys Were Miserable Whiners? No Games!

The Stunning Denouement: Don't be shocked, but it turns out to be a load of garbage, after all.

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